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Maquillage - Mascara comb brush N ° 19
Maquillage - Mascara comb brush N ° 19
Maquillage - Mascara comb brush N ° 19
Produits Stage Line

Brush your eyelashes and eyebrows.

Mascara comb brush N ° 19

Note des clients : 4,0 sur 4 (1 avis)
Notre avis :

Convinced ... in 5 points!

  • Spiral comb brush.
  • Composition in nylon.
  • Brush your eyebrows with a cross-eyed man.
  • Ideal for eyelashes before laying mascara.
  • Long and practical handle.


The opinion of Valentine, our expert in crossdressing:

How to make up the eyebrows when we want to disguise? The eyebrows form the frame of your eyes, so they are an integral part of the makeup of your eyes during your feminization. No smoky-eyes can eclipse poorly maintained eyebrows. To begin, get your tweezers to remove the excess hair from your eyebrows. Then, to discipline them, if you do not have a fixative, rub your # 19 mascara comb brush on soap then brush your eyebrow up. The idea is that the waxy texture of the soap fixes and stuffs the hair, to give them the illusion of being thicker and trimmed. This is the same principle as eyebrow gels, but more affordable. Originally, this is a vintage Old Hollywood hint, which is back in fashion today. Practical for those who have eyebrows too clear or strewn, without much ruin.


Learn more about the men's mascara comb brush N ° 19

If you want to keep beautiful eyebrows without having to redraw them constantly (for a natural makeup), here are 5 missteps to avoid: hair removal too frequently; to refine them to the extreme; shorten the tail of the eyebrow; to want them absolutely symmetrical; give them bad shape. After, if you want a totally transformed look, do as you wish!


Description (and composition)

- Composition : nylon

- Brand: Stage Line

manche long pratique, bien utile pour brosser les cils avant le maquillage
Gogogina88, posté le 9 Novembre 2018 Note :

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