Mascara comb brush No. 19 - Makeup accessories

Mascara comb brush No. 19

The Mascara Comb Brush N°19 offers the perfect make-up for your lashes. Its spiral comb brush is made of nylon, which makes it perfectly suited for separating and reshaping lashes. The long handle is practical and easy to handle. It is ideal for obtaining a natural and uniform result.


Convinced... in 5 points!


  • Spiral comb brush.
  • Made of nylon.
  • Brush your eyebrows while crossing your eyes.
  • Ideal for lashes before applying mascara.
  • Long, practical handle.


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert:

How to make up the eyebrows when you want to dress up? The eyebrows form the frame of your eyes, so they are an integral part of your eye make-up when you are feminised. No amount of smoky-eyes can overshadow unkempt eyebrows. To start, use your tweezers to remove excess hair from your eyebrows. Then, to discipline them, if you don't have a fixative, rub your #19 mascara brush over soap and then brush your eyebrow upwards. The idea is that the waxy texture of the soap will set and pack the hairs, giving them the illusion of being thicker and trimmed. It's the same principle as eyebrow gels, but more affordable. Originally a vintage Old Hollywood trick, it's coming back into fashion today. Useful for those who have too light or scattered eyebrows, without breaking the bank.

Learn more about comb brush mascara No. 19:

If you want to keep your eyebrows beautiful without having to constantly redraw them (for a natural makeup look), here are 5 faux pas to avoid: plucking too frequently; thinning them to the extreme; shortening the tail of the eyebrow; wanting them absolutely symmetrical; giving them the wrong shape. After that, if you want a totally transformed look, do as you please!


Description (and composition)

- Composition : nylon

- Brand: Stage Line

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