Cyberline 4 Electro-stimulator - Slimming

Cyberline 4 Electro-stimulator

We love this machine. It allows you to firm up your muscles without leaving your couch. You get the same result as after an intensive sports session without the stress and sweat! You can feel that the muscles have worked under the electrical impulse, but it is not painful at all.

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  • Allows for effortless muscle toning
  • Efficient device with 5 programmes
  • Helps to reshape the line of the muscles
  • Can be used on abs, buttocks or thighs
  • Can replace a sports session


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

The Cyberline 4 electro-stimulator has 5 programs: 1. Tapping massage: produces a gentle massage 2. Pressures: produces very light stimuli on the muscle 3. Kneading: stimulates the muscle with moderate pressure 4. Toning: produces medium muscle reactions 5. Sports stimulation: strongly stimulates the muscle just like in a sports session.


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  • Advice for use: place the adhesive electrodes on the muscle to be worked and start with the softest programme. Increase the intensity gradually so as not to cause cramps or pain.
  • Our tip: you can also use it on your arms or calves.
  • Maintenance: clean the electrodes by hand
  • Additional products: abdominal belt, food supplements



  • Capacity : 1 battery-powered device + 4 electrodes
  • Note : Requires 1 x 9V battery not included
  • Characteristic : Electro-stimulator
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