Body and skincare for crossdressers

To have beautiful, velvety, soft and well-hydrated skin, we stock a wide range of beauty products. Nourishing, massage, exfoliating creams, firming gel, body lotion... there is something for every type of skin and every requirement. You can even have a tan without spending hours in the sun thanks to self-tanner which avoids sunburn and premature skin ageing. And this care is not for women only as there are references for men and unisex cosmetics which can be used by crossdressers. In our online store, you will also find several facial and body products that can be ordered in a few clicks at affordable prices.

Creams and gels for soft, firm and tanned skin

You need to improve your figure? Remove dead cells? Hydrate and nourish your skin in-depth? Have a tanned or delicately scented skin? Let yourself be tempted by our body care. Our website selling items for crossdressers offers a wide range of quality, big brand cosmetics. You can indulge in a pleasant relaxing moment at home, taking time for yourself to pamper your skin and rest. Sometimes, taking a 10-minute well-being break is a means of finding replenishment and recharging your batteries.

A complete range of beauty products

In our online store, you will find all the accessories needed to feminize your appearance. We propose a very complete catalogue of references for men so that you may easily find what you are looking for in your crossdressing. To enhance your body, curves and for softer skin, we have selected several creams, gels, scrubs, self-tanning sprays and other skincare that you may apply every day, in the morning before you go to work or in the evening before going out. We regularly add new cosmetics so that you always have more choice at low prices. For each reference, we provide some application advice. And if you have any further questions, our team is there to answer, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

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