Fake Vagina

Realistic vaginas create the perfect illusion of cross-dressing down to the smallest detail. They're cut to fit a man's body, so they're comfortable to wear and slip easily into your underwear. So you can reveal all your sensuality under your sexiest and most glamorous outfits..

Check out our range of realistic fake vaginas!

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Combinaison basse pour travestis - Fake Vagina
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Combinaison basse pour travestis

(1 review)
Price €434.00
Low-cut feminisation jumpsuit - Fake Vagina
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Low-cut feminisation jumpsuit

(3 reviews)
Price €476.67
Telesis glue remover (118 ml) - Fake Vagina
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Telesis glue remover (118 ml)

(1 review)
Price €37.25
Barbara panties - Fake Vagina
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Barbara panties

(1 review)
Price €193.17
Fake vagina panties - Fake Vagina
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Fake vagina panties

(2 reviews)
Price €124.92
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Vagina string - Fake Vagina
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Vagina string

Price €208.33
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