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Condoms are indispensable for safe sex. For male crossdressers, there are very thick, resistant, well lubricated condoms ideal for anal penetration. In our online store, you will find several very well-known brands that are suitable for anal and vaginal penetration or during foreplay. We have selected a wide choice of products so that everyone can find what they need. When you purchase on our website, you get affordable prices, fast and discreet delivery and we regularly add new products for always more choice.

Enjoy your sexuality, safely!

Nowadays, condoms are the only solution to protect yourself against sexually transmitted infections and diseases. And we have moved on from the very basic early products that blunted sensations. We now have a very complete catalogue of products, especially for male crossdressers, which offer more pleasure and are quickly forgotten. You can give free rein to your fantasies without putting your life and health - and those of your partner - at risk. With these accessories, pleasure and protection go hand in hand. And to increase sensations, it is possible to use them in combination with lube, sextoys and various other adult toys!

Quality branded products at low prices!

The sexuality of male crossdressers or transsexuals should be carefree and safe. Durex and Manix offer a full range of condoms to satisfy all needs: fantasy, latex-free or large size, there’s something for all tastes! You will find several references in our online store including Durex Performa which delay ejaculation for longer intercourse, Manix Ultra Protect which are delicately scented with vanilla and very lubricated but also the brand’s Skyn range. These very fine and latex-free condoms are perfect for anal penetration as they prevent chaffing, discomfort and have a very strong lubricating power. For each item, we indicate the composition and give you some advice on how to use them. So, don’t hesitate to click on a product to find out more!

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