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In recent years, leggings have become essentials in our wardrobe. For a long time used in the gym, they rapidly hit the streets. Worn under a dress in winter, they keep you warm. With a loose tunic, long shirt or big sweater, they are comfortable yet feminine as they are worn close to the body. They are therefore very easy to wear. So, if you want to adopt this feminine garment to show off your legs, discover our collection of leggings and jeggings for male crossdressers. Our store offers a wide range of references for everyday wear, sport or more special occasions such as parties with friends.

A basic worn in any season

Originating in the 1980s and 1990s, they are now very tight, stretchy and can be worn in all seasons. For example, when it’s warm, you can wear them with sandals and opt for a three-quarters look that reveals the ankles. When the weather is cooler, they are perfect with ankle boots or boots. Leggings give a nice shape to the leg and are suitable for all male crossdressers. If you are still hesitant about going out in a skirt or dress, don’t hesitate to wear leggings under your outfit. They will give a casual style to an overly formal outfit or original touch to a classic look.

A varied selection of styles at low prices

Thicker than tights, footless and available in many different colours and prints, leggings are often soft and are so gentle to put on that they are quickly forgotten. On our website, you will find a very complete range for male crossdressers in denim, bi-materials, print (python or aztec for example), leather-look, satin or even laced. With these leggings, your buttocks will be emphasized! We also stock sports items, shorter, high waist or low waist leggings. So, don’t hesitate to order a pair to complete your outfit and finish off your look!

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