Enema bulbs and attachments for crossdressers

Specialized in the sale of items for the beauty and pleasure of male crossdressers, our store has a complete catalogue of products. In a few clicks, you can order clothes, shoes, wigs, lingerie but also intimate accessories such as enema bulbs and attachments. Several models are available, and we regularly add new products so that you have a good choice at affordable prices. We also promise to ship your orders within 48 hours in complete discretion. And shipping costs are not charged for all orders exceeding €90.

Very practical and easy to use hygiene products

Enema bulbs and shower attachments are available to wash your private parts - vagina or anus. But they are not solely intended for hygiene purposes. They can also be used in foreplay and erotic games to give your partner or yourself more sensations and pleasure. They are easy to use and popular with male crossdressers but also women and transsexuals. Designed for aquatic use, they are not damaged when in contact with water. You also have a choice between different models and attachments. So, you can keep things interesting!

Find the model adapted to your needs in a few clicks!

Male crossdressers particularly like to use enema bulbs which, on expulsion, allow them to “urinate by the anus” and thus experience a purely feminine sensation. Shower attachments are perfect for ensuring flawless private hygiene before anal sex. That is why you can find both accessories in our store. For each reference, we explain the strong points, composition, dimensions and offer advice on how to use them. You can also consult the opinions of other customers then leave your own after your purchase. All the products available on our website satisfy applicable standards. And if you need additional information or if you have questions about an attachment, don’t hesitate to contact our team by phone or email using our form. Finally, if you order several items, you can take advantage of a volume discount (-3% for 2 or -7% for 5 for example).

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Enema kit - Bulbs
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Enema kit

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