False eyelashes

False eyelashes for male crossdressers

False eyelashes are very popular with men wanting a sexier and more glamorous look. They feminize the eyes as, often, women’s eyelashes are longer and thicker. With these beauty items, you can bring out the best of your eyes and even add a touch of originality by choosing colourful styles. In our online store, we offer a varied range of references for crossdressers so that you may easily find your ideal style for day or evening wear. Easy to apply, they are an easy make-up complement and may be used several times as long as they are replaced in their plastic holder.

Enhance your eyes with these small beauty accessories

Eyes are one of the most admired facial features. To magnify them, you can wear false eyelashes and seduce in the blink of an eye! By accentuating the eye, they make them more intense, more glamorous and more feminine. For male crossdressers, these accessories are very practical for everyday wear. You can wear them when you want, at all times of the day or night. They are ideal for completing your transformation and wearing make-up to suit your mood. For a chic and sexy look, black styles are recommended. If you want to add a little fantasy, opt for coloured and festive styles. And don’t hesitate to be bold!

Find your ideal pair in a few clicks

On our website, you will find a wide range of accessories for male crossdressers. From clothing to beauty products, from lingerie to shoes, you can order everything you need to feminize your appearance. For the eyes, you can buy one or several pairs of false eyelashes - to keep things interesting - from our store. You have a choice between mischievous, sexy, coloured eyelashes and even handmade lashes like those worn by singer Katy Perry. They are quickly applied, but it is necessary to apply make-up beforehand. To make them stay on, you need purposely designed glue as the eyes are very fragile and require specific products. And if you have any questions, our team is there to answer and advise you.

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