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For a beautiful, feminine and firm bust without having to undergo plastic surgery, you can wear breast forms, take food or hormonal supplements or use a breast enhancing pump. This small device, originally designed for women wishing to increase their breast size, is also suitable for male cross-dressers. That is why we propose several models on our online store. Sold at affordable prices, they are accessible to all and very easy to use.

Effective solutions to increase breast volume

Although there are several techniques for creating female attributes on the chest, they do not all come at the same price or have the same effects. Surgery, for example, is more expensive and often, definitive. However, if you want something more natural, you can opt for breast enhancing pumps. They can be used in addition to a capsule treatment, for example, or before the application of a cream or firming serum. Fitted with cups placed on the nipples, they stretch and inflate the skin. The breasts are firmer, larger and it’s painless. These devices do not simply act on bust size. They also increase nipple sensitivity for more pleasure when caressed by your partner. Your sex life and foreplay will be even more enjoyable and exciting.

A range of products dedicated to crossdressers

If you are looking for accessories, clothing, beauty products and lingerie for cross-dressers, you will find everything you need in our online store! You can choose from several quality references, delivered quickly and discreetly. And to develop your bust size as you want, you can try the breast enhancing pump. Lots of different models are available on our website. Single, double developer, mini version, battery-operated, manual or electric stimulator, take advantage of a varied offer. For each item, our crossdressing expert gives you tips to assist you in your purchases. However, if you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our team will be delighted to answer and advise you.


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L nipple developer - Breast Pumps
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L nipple developer

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Nipple developer medium size - Nipple Beauty
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Nipple developer medium size

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B Relax - Breast Pumps
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B Relax

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