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Create the perfect illusion with our pairs of self-adhesive false breasts. They have unprecedented skin adhesion and are quick and easy to apply for crossdressers. These natural-looking fake breasts will be your dream allies for long, wild evenings out!

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What are adhesive silicone breast forms?

Adhesive silicone breast forms are prosthetic breasts designed to offer a natural and comfortable appearance. Ideal for cross-dressers seeking to discreetly shape their silhouette, these prosthetics are made from medical-grade silicone, ensuring a softness and flexibility close to real breasts. Their adhesive feature allows them to be directly attached to the skin without the need for a bra, making them virtually invisible under clothing.

Why choose adhesive silicone breast forms?

Opting for adhesive silicone breast forms offers multiple benefits. First, they provide unmatched comfort, perfectly adapting to body temperature and moving naturally with the body. Moreover, their adhesive system ensures they stay in place all day, thus avoiding frequent adjustments and the discomfort associated with inadequate support.

How to choose the right silicone breast forms?

The choice of self-adhesive silicone breast forms should be guided by several criteria, such as size, shape (round or teardrop), and skin tone. It is essential to choose a size that matches your body's morphology to achieve a harmonious and comfortable result.

Discover our silicone adhesive breast offerings

Rigazo offers a varied selection of silicone adhesive breasts, suited to all needs and preferences. Among our bestsellers, we feature the Adhesive B Breast Forms, which offer an excellent balance of quality, comfort, and price. Explore this range and many others on our dedicated breast forms for cross-dressers page.

The importance of medical-grade silicone

The medical-grade silicone used in our prosthetics ensures not only a natural and pleasant touch but also maximum safety in terms of skin compatibility. This type of silicone is specially designed to prevent allergic reactions and withstand daily wear and tear.

Innovations in adhesive silicone breast forms

The latest innovations in the field of adhesive silicone breasts include significant improvements in adhesive systems, enabling better adhesion and greater durability. The current prosthetics can now be worn multiple times without losing their adhesive capacity, provided they are properly maintained.

How to maintain your silicone breast forms?

Maintaining your silicone breast forms is crucial for extending their lifespan. It is recommended to gently clean them with warm water and mild soap after each use, then allow them to air dry. Once dry, reapply the adhesive protective film to keep them in the best condition.

Why Rigazo is the ideal choice for your adhesive silicone breast forms?

At Rigazo, we are committed to providing high-quality products tailored to the specific needs of the cross-dresser community. Our expertise in the field allows us to select the best products, ensuring satisfaction and comfort for our customers.

False breasts and well-being: positive psychological impact

Wearing adhesive silicone breast forms can have a significant psychological impact, helping cross-dressers feel more in tune with their gender identity. This can improve self-esteem and contribute to better self-acceptance in daily life.

The revolution of adhesive silicone breast forms

Adhesive silicone breast forms represent a true revolution in the field of accessories for cross-dressers. They offer not only a natural and comfortable appearance but also great discretion. At Rigazo, we are proud to help you discover the freedom and confidence that these products can bring to your everyday life.

The different shapes of silicone breast forms: which is best for you?

Choosing the right shape of silicone breast forms is crucial for achieving a natural look and comfortable feel. At Rigazo, we offer two main shapes: round and teardrop. Round breasts are often preferred for a fuller and symmetrical look, while teardrop-shaped breasts provide a more natural contour, mimicking the natural gravity of a female breast. It is important to select the shape that best complements your silhouette and meets your aesthetic expectations.

The self-adhesive technology: a practical and discreet solution

The key innovation of self-adhesive silicone breasts lies in their ability to firmly attach to the skin without the use of bras or other supports. This technology provides unmatched freedom of movement and absolute discretion, even under light or fitted clothing, preventing slippage. Our customers particularly appreciate the "Adhesive B Teardrop Breast Form" for its ease of use and secure fit.

Advantages of adhesive breast forms for the cross-dresser community

Adhesive breast forms play an important role in expressing gender identity for many cross-dressers. They not only help to shape the body according to a desired feminine silhouette but also provide emotional support, boosting self-confidence and social acceptance. Their simplified use and realistic appearance allow users to feel more themselves, thus enhancing their quality of life.

How to choose the ideal size of your silicone breast forms?

The size of silicone breast forms is a critical factor for a balanced and natural look. At Rigazo, we advise considering your overall size, including the width of your shoulders and your height, to select the most suitable prosthesis size. Personalized advice is available to help you make the best choice, taking into account your unique morphology.

Silicone adhesive breast forms and fashion: how to wear them?

Silicone adhesive breast forms can be worn with a wide variety of clothing. For optimal results, we recommend fitted tops that enhance the décolleté. Breast forms like the "Adhesive B Breast Forms" are perfect under evening dresses or light blouses, offering an elegant and feminine silhouette without compromising comfort.

Customer testimonials: the impact of adhesive silicone breast forms

Many Rigazo customers have shared their satisfaction and the positive impact of these breast forms on their lives. They report a notable improvement in their well-being and greater confidence in their gender identity. These testimonials underline the importance of choosing quality products that meet the specific needs of the cross-dresser community.

Future prospects for adhesive silicone breast forms

The future of adhesive silicone breast forms looks promising, with continuous innovations aimed at enhancing their realism and comfort. Rigazo remains at the forefront of this evolution, committed to providing the latest technological advances to our clientele. Our goal is to continue offering solutions that enrich our customers' lives and help them express their identity authentically and comfortably.

Your partner for a successful transformation

At Rigazo, we are proud to play an active role in supporting and empowering the cross-dresser community through our high-quality products. Our adhesive silicone breast forms are designed to not only provide a natural and attractive look but also a feel akin to a real breast. We invite you to explore our complete range and find the product that will help you feel like yourself every day.

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