False breasts C silicone lift adhesives - Adhesives breast forms

False breasts C silicone lift adhesives

If you are looking for a way to cross-dress in seconds, without pain and with practical pads, you need the self-adhesive silicone breast forms in size C. They allow you to increase the size of your natural breasts by several sizes.
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  • Very comfortable breast pads
  • False breasts with self-adhesive device
  • Fits without a bra
  • Fake breasts available in various sizes
  • Creates a superb push-up effect


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert


Forget about using a bra, because they stick directly to your chest. The silicone adopts your body temperature after a few minutes and you'll quickly forget about it. A real pleasure to transform yourself into a woman...

Available in sizes B, C, D and E.


Learn more about the self-adhesive C breast forms

  • Tip: place your fake breast in the centre of your breasts and simply apply them.
  • Our tip: clean your fake breasts thoroughly before each use. To reactivate the self-adhesive effect, wipe them with a small cloth soaked in mild soap and dry them carefully.
  • Complementary products : bra for transvestite, blouse, dress



  • Capacity: 1 pair
  • Composition: silicone
  • Size: C
  • Characteristic : false chest for transvestite
  • Brand: Magic BodyFashion
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