Lacquer for wigs - Care and accessories


Convinced ... in 5 points!

  •     For synthetic hair and natural hair.
  •     In aerosol.
  •     Without allergen.
  •     Rich in fixing agents.
  •     Protective care.


The opinion of Valentine, our expert in crossdressing :

The wig is one of the accessories for transvestites essential to have in his closet. Many if you like to vary the looks. Whether natural or synthetic, care must be taken. And among the many products offered in the Rigazo store, you can find something to shine, structure and fix your hairstyle with the wig lacquer. This spray without gas can spray on your hair a protective care that luster, discipline and fixed to leave no rebellious wick that would spoil your feminine look. This antistatic product is easy to apply, dries quickly and does not stain.


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Your little darling to make crazy hairstyles with your natural or synthetic hair will undoubtedly be this wig lacquer. Ensuring you a perfect fit, it is ideal for holding your hair in the long term without weighing it down, holding it down or making it sticky. If it sticks, it will not be because of your lacquer ... You keep shine and shine and a natural look of your wig. Hairdressing becomes a pleasure! Successful transformation!


Description (and composition)

- Capacity: 200 ml

- Brand: Ellen Wille

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