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Waist clamp black

The black waistband is a real must-have in your wardrobe for cross-dressing. It emphasizes your waist to feminize your silhouette while giving a glamorous look. You can wear it over your clothes to accessorise your outfit or underneath for a discreet effect.


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  • Made of coated fabric.
  • Front zip.
  • Back lacing.
  • Holds the waist to emphasize it. 
  • Black colour 


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert

The black waistband can be your little extra in your outfit, the little extra that will make it unforgettable and turn all heads. By placing it on the middle of your waist, you mark the waist, to obtain an hourglass figure. Whether you wear it with a shirt, a bra, a dress, under a blazer, ... you can combine it with many pieces of your wardrobe. Very practical!  Sexy and erotic, this fashion accessory sets the tone for your partner or your target.

More about the black waistband 

This garment derived from the corset is sometimes called a belt or underbust. It has the same logic as a corset to have a good fit. What does it do? Just to cinch the waist to refine it and shape the body nicely. Easy to put on, you can close it from the front or from the back, making it affordable for everyone, even alone. Less bulky and rigid than a corset, it is the right compromise between the latter and a girdle.


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Brand : Sois Belle

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