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Full dress black lace

This sexy black lace dress is perfect for special occasions. Its tight and stretch cut offers a deliciously feminine cut. You’ll love this sexy black lace full dress with its long sleeves and two-way front zip!


Convinced… in 5 points!


  • Sexy stretch lace dress
  • Long sleeves.
  • Zip double way front.
  • Black color.
  • Transparency.


The opinion of Valentine, our expert in transvesting

You probably know the naked women of Lido and the light effects that dress their bodies. Well we have a little the same impression with the full dress black lace. Ultra hot, ultra sexy, this woman’s garment for men will not leave your entourage indifferent and will attract all eyes. All in transparent black lace, this long sleeve high neck dress molds your silhouette while erasing the defects. Its double front zip will give you cravings for naughty games or your partner. Ready to try?

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When you cross-dress for a party, you want to be sexy, you want to overflow with sensuality and femininity. Objective achieved with the full dress black lace! Its long sleeves hide the forearms a little strong, same for the shoulders. The lace patterns underline the curves and give a glimpse of what you’re wearing underneath…or not. Its length is just enough to hide the essential while revealing your sex appeal. Ready to release your femininity?


Description (and composition)


  • Composition: 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex
  • Brand: Spazm

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