Paddle Cosmo - Fouets pour travestis

Paddle Cosmo

What could be better than being able to correct your partner when they don't obey? This BDSM paddle will be of great use to you. It is not ordinary and has a very neat holographic design. Easy to clean, it will accompany you during all your BDSM sexual practices.


Convinced in 5 points!


  • Soft but firm paddle;
  • Holographic design ; 
  • Easy to maintain ;
  • Ideal for BDSM practices;
  • Perfect to submit your partner.


Valentine's opinion our crossdressing expert: 

I already have a whole BDSM kit but the holographic design BDSM accessories from Rigazo caught my eye. This paddle is perfect when you want to give a good spanking to a partner who doesn't obey... it's the perfect accessory to punish him! The shape is practical and makes it easy to handle.

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