Éros anal explorer spray 30 ml - Lube

Éros anal explorer spray 30 ml



Convinced... in 4 points!



  • Easier anal penetration
  • Maintains the sensitivity of private parts
  • Reduces painful sensations while stimulating pleasure
  • Ideal for a first anal experience


Spray a few drops (1 to 3 times) on the anus then massage gently with the forefinger to spread the product well. The zone is relaxed for easier penetration.


Description (and composition)
- Container : 30 ml
- Packaging : spray
- Ingredients : Water, glycerol, benzyl alcohol, Laureth-9 (polidocanol), PEG-6 (polyethylene glycol), lactic acid, benzoic acid, sorbic acid, caprylic/caprice glycerides (derived from palm or coconut oil), menthol lactate, fragrance
- Perfume: light and fresh
- Characteristic : anal lubricant
- Brand : Éros

Traceability :

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