System JO H2O water-based lubricating gel 120 ml - Lube

System JO H2O water-based lubricating gel 120 ml




- Gel formula specially designed for long life

- Non-sticky, non-staining lubricant

- Gives a silky touch to the skin

- Rinses off and washes off easily with water

- Highly moisturising, useful in cases of vaginal dryness


We tested System JO H2O lubricating gel 120 ml for you

This lubricant is perfect for people suffering from vaginal dryness. Its formula allows it to last longer than traditional lubricants. You feel a real comfort as soon as you apply it. As a result, it is suitable for both anal penetration (not to mention that it is simply perfect) and vaginal penetration. Moreover, it can also be used with erotic toys.

Our advice on System JO H2O Lubricating Gel 120 ml

System JO lubricating gel is made of water, which makes the liquid more fluid, but it does not stick. It does not dry out either, which means it lasts longer. You only need to use a very small amount: a dab of gel on your fingertips and then massage in a circular motion to spread the gel thoroughly.

To remove the gel, simply rinse. Also remember to clean your sex toys thoroughly for hygiene reasons.



- Capacity : 120 ml

- Composition : Water, glycerol, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, propylparaben, methylparaben

- Perfume/taste: neutral

- Compatible: condoms/menstrual cups/latex sex toys

- Characteristic : hypoallergenic lubricant

- Brand : JO

- Safety : CE standards

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