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Open Mouth Hood

The Open Mouth Hood leaves only an opening at the level of the mouth, the sight is blocked what allows you to concentrate on your other senses. You will be totally submissive and will have to be guided by your partner and his orders. The opening at the level of the mouth also leaves the opportunity to the submissive to make fellatio to the person who dominates him.


Convinced in 5 points! 

  • 100% polyester. 
  • Easy to put on. 
  • Extensible and comfortable. 
  • Leaves the mouth free. 
  • 100% BDSM. 


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing 

This is an excellent accessory to allow your partner to realize your fantasies. This Open Mouth hood covers the entire head and leaves a very limited field of vision to your submissive. Only the mouth and hearing are free. Your object will have no choice but to blindly obey your will. The opening of the mask deprives the vision, allowing the submissive to concentrate on his other senses. It is a real learning tool for the submissive because it allows him to focus on his own feelings, to learn how to control  them and  the pain. 


Our advice on the Open Mouth hood 

Being blindfolded can also allow the submissive to let go even more. Hiding the sight allows him/her to forget their shyness and maybe embarrasing reactions when confronted , can also allow him/her to express him/herself more easily. The goal is the development of the submissive's senses, the mastery of his mind and the reinforcement of his self-confidence. It is made of 100% polyester with openings. Breathing and hearing are not obstructed. 



- Masque avec des ouvertures, en 100% polyester. La respiration et l'audition ne sont pas obstruées.

- Marque : Lux et Fetish

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