Cosmo Mask - Masques et cagoules pour travestis

Cosmo Mask

This Cosmo holographic mask is perfect for revisiting your BDSM sex parties. This one is accented with nickel-free rose gold material and is fully adjustable for a universal fit. The vinyl material makes it easy to maintain.


Convinced in 5 points!


  • Easy to clean ;
  • Holographic material ;
  • Adjustable mask ;
  • Ideal for revisiting your BDSM activities;
  • Made from vinyl.


Valentine's opinion our crossdressing expert: 

I love this mask because its design is out of the ordinary, it's not like all the BDSM masks you find in the shops thanks to its holographic vinyl. It is adjustable, so it fits easily. The vinyl material makes it quick and easy to clean.



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