Suspension cuffs - Menottes pour travestis

Suspension cuffs

The suspension cuffs allow you to subdue your Sissy to do whatever you want to her (with her consent of course). All you have to do is put her hands and feet in the handcuffs and that's it! This way, you can teach her how to be a good submissive transvestite...


Convinced in 5 points!


- Carabiner for easy hanging anywhere.

- Fits naturally.

- Comfortable.

- Made of black leather.

- For ankles and wrists.


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert:

This is a good accessory for games of submission and domination. Whoever is handcuffed is at your mercy. You quickly and easily slip your partner's wrists or ankles into the leather cuffs and they fit naturally. You can then concentrate on other things... Your partner becomes your prisoner, he is subjected to your desire and the flexibility of the handcuffs allows you to practice different positions for an intense mutual pleasure...

Our advice on suspension handcuffs

Bondage arouses many curiosities, and not only. Remember to always practice it with care, determining beforehand the signals to know when to stop and taking into account the safety measures to have a good time without risks. For the maintenance of the handcuffs, a little warm water and mild soap, or a sexcleaner will do the trick.



- Padded leather suspension cuffs (1 carabiner included)

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