Self-adhesive silicone breasts C - Realistics breast forms

Self-adhesive silicone breasts C



Convinced… in 5 points!

  • Size C.
  • Self-adhesive, high quality.
  • Soft and very soft to the touch.
  • Have very realistic brown nipples.
  • Very discreet false breast under clothing.


The opinion of Valentine, our cross-dressing expert

Self-adhesive silicone breasts C are perfect for dressing your neckline generously while keeping a natural look. Discreet and sexy thanks to the nipples which point slightly, you can slip them into a small top without fear of losing them. Equipped with self-adhesive, they offer strong adhesion so that they hold in place, despite the movement. You will appreciate this realistic side by feeling the self-adhesive silicone breasts C move according to your gait, like real ones.


Find out more about C Self-Adhesive Silicone Breasts

We like the silicone material because it heats up quickly on contact with the skin, which makes self-adhesive silicone breasts C more comfortable to wear. We also appreciate their natural color with very realistic brown nipples. With them, you can finally redraw your figure with a snap of your finger.


Description (and composition)

- Capacity: 2 fake breasts (800g)

- Composition: silicone

- Size: C

- Feature: fake breasts

- Brand: Silicone Breast

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