Talc - Silicone breast combinations


Convinced… in 5 points!

  • Facilitates entry into a silicone wetsuit.
  • Limits perspiration.
  • Avoids irritation due to friction and the appearance of boils.
  • Promotes hydration of the skin.
  • Convenient and easy to use format.


The opinion of Valentine, our cross-dressing expert

No more contortions in all directions to put on your silicone suit! With talc for combination, you can finally do it in a few seconds, thus avoiding to cut too much your pleasure or that of your partner. In addition, combination talc is a special powder for cleaning and maintaining your sex toys. It is also ideal for putting it in masturbators in order to keep them as long as possible. In short, you will understand, talc will have multiple uses in your little secret garden.


Learn more about talc for coveralls

Talc belongs to the family of minerals and is mainly composed of magnesium silicon. There are two types of talc. First, natural talc, coming directly from the deposits. Next, synthetic talc, made by man. This second category is the most used, especially in cosmetology.


Description (and composition)

- Capacity: 200 ml

- Brand: Cobeco Pharma

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