MaxiControl caps - Stimulants
MaxiControl caps - Stimulants
MaxiControl caps - Stimulants
MaxiControl caps - Stimulants



MaxiControl is for men facing premature ejaculation problems.

Developed to take the anxiety out of sex, this dietary supplement helps control emotional stress.

Through its plant extracts such as Kola nut, Ginseng, Rhodiola and Griffonia, MaxiControl helps prolong pleasure for both partners.

This product is made in France and complies with European regulations on authorised nutritional and health claims.

The active ingredients contained in Maxi Control are:

●    Rhodiola: Helps cope with emotional stress;
●    Ginseng: Helps maintain good sexual relations;
●    Griffonia: This African plant contains a serotonin precursor that helps improve brain activity.


For an instant effect: 3 to 4 capsules with a glass of water about 1 hour before sex. To boost efficacy, take the capsules away from mealtimes (2 hours) and avoid eating or drinking alcohol when taking them. Do not exceed 8 capsules every 48 hours. When in doubt, seek the advice of a doctor


For a long-lasting course of treatment: 2 capsules a day with a large glass of water, preferably in the morning.


Asparagus Racemosus extract, Rhodiola extract (Sedum roseum), Tribulus extract (Tribulus terrestris) Ginseng extract (Panax Ginseng Meyer), anti-caking agents : magnesium stearate, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamine B6),  Thiamine hydrochloride (vitamine B1), folic acid (vitamine B9), vegetal capsule (hydroxypropylméthylcellulose)

Information nutritionnelle pour 2 gélules / Nutritional information for 2 capsules :

  • Extrait d’Asparagus racemosus (racine)/Asparagus Racemosus extract (root) 200 mg
  • Extrait de Rhodiola (racine)/ Rhodiola extract (root) 200 mg
  • Extrait de Tribulus (fruit)/ Tribulus extract (fruit) 150 mg
  • Extrait de Ginseng (racine)/ Ginseng extract (root) 100 mg
  • Vit B1 (100% AR*/DRI**) 1.1 mg
  • Vit B6 (100% AR*/DRI**) 1.4 mg
  • Vit B9 (100% AR*/DRI**) 200 µg

*Apports de Référence ** Dietary Reference Intake

Net weight : 27,4 g

Food supplements cannot be substituted for a varied and balanced diet. Consume as part of a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of the reach of children. Should not be used by pregnant or lactating women, and by people under medical treatment. For your health, eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day, practice regular physical activity, avoid eating too much fat, too sweet, too salty, avoid snacking between meals.


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