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Manix Skyn Extra Lubricated 10 condoms



Convinced... in 5 points !
- Intense lubrication
- Raised surface
- Integrated reservoir
- Light fragrance
- Latex free

Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing :
We often hear that some condoms have little or too little lubrication, so Manix Skyn offers an extra-lubricated version. In order to avoid any kind of discomfort or burning, the lubrication was largely amplified. The very soft surface of this condom makes it a true sexual asset. Lubrication is largely sufficient for the prolonged reports.

A condom for the long and tasty reports, it is happiness assured !

Learn more about Manix Skyn Extra Lubricated 10 condoms :
Some condoms not lubricated enough can cause a vaginal dryness which quickly becomes painful. The Manix Skyn condom is the solution to avoid this type of inconvenience. Save yourself the purchase of complementary lubricating gel with this condom.

Moreover, its material - polyisoprene - is a soft and flexible material, which adapts perfectly to your morphology. Moreover, it offers an alternative to people allergic to latex.


- Length : 180 mm
- Width: 53 mm
- Thickness : very thin
- Material: polyisoprene
- Surface: smooth
- Reservoir: yes
- Presence of non-spermicidal lubricant
- Color : transparent
- Safety : CE standards
- Quantity : 10

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