False breasts A silicone lift adhesives - Adhesives breast forms

False breasts A silicone lift adhesives

You were dreaming of an ultra-feminine breast to complete your look but didn't know what to choose? Try the silicone lift adhesive A breast forms. Large, round breasts are the ultimate symbol of femininity. These silicone lift adhesive A-boobies are self-adhesive, which means they can be fitted without necessarily wearing a bra.



Convinced… in 5 points !

  • Very comfortable pads. 
  • Features a self-adhesive system. 
  • No need to wear a bra.
  • Also available in other sizes.
  • Allows you to create a push-up effect.


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

They perfectly fit the shape of the natural breast to make it bigger (up to two sizes). Finally a breast worthy of the name! You finally dare to have a neckline and match it with your best smile. Your breasts are balanced, your breasts are the same size, you have the same breasts as a woman and everyone sees nothing but fire.


Find out more about A-adhesive silicone lift breast forms

Clean your natural breasts thoroughly with a warm shower and dry them carefully. Simply apply the silicone lift adhesive A breast forms to your breasts. The silicone lift is discreet and undetectable to the eye under clothing. You can finally put on that sexy little blouse that has been lying around for ages in your wardrobe, or try on that halter top you've been craving, and why not that strapless dress for that romantic date that's coming up. Finally the feminine silhouette of your dreams... Available in sizes B, C, D and E.



  •     Capacity: 1 pair
  •     Composition: silicone
  •     Size: A
  •     Feature: fake chest for men
  •     Brand: Magic BodyFashion
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