Self-adhesive B Breast form - Adhesives breast forms

Self-adhesive B Breast form

The Self-adhesive Breast form will give you the femininity that your breasts are missing. Size B, it offers a beautiful silhouette without being exaggerated. Its main asset is its adhesives, which allow the prostheses to be placed directly on the skin, without the need to hold them in place.



Convinced… in 5 points !

  • Very soft and silky false breasts.
  • With fine brown nipples.
  • Self-adhesive for a perfect fit.
  • False breast undetectable under clothing.
  • Natural feeling.


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

You will feel it move with your movements, giving it a very natural look. You can then dare to wear certain tops or dresses that you have kept in your wardrobe for so long...


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We like the silicone material because it warms up quickly in contact with the skin, which makes the Self-Adhesive Fake Breast B more comfortable to wear. We also appreciate its natural colour with very realistic brown nipples. You can redesign your figure in an instant, and you\'ll be bursting with sensuality.


- Capacity: 2 fake breasts (\'400g)

- Composition: silicone

- Size: B

- Feature: fake breasts

- Brand: Silicone Breast

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