Beard Cover Stick Latin - Beard cover

Beard Cover Stick Latin

No more being betrayed by small details! Discover the Rigazo beard concealer in Latin shade, which has a high covering power, so you can say goodbye to your little defects. It covers the grey area of the beard as well as pimples and other imperfections. The Latin beard concealer is perfectly suited for tanned/matte skin.



Convinced in 5 points!


  • Dedicated to tanned skin;
  • Covers imperfections; Easy to apply; and
  • Easy to apply;
  • Indispensable for cross-dressing;
  • Perfect foundation.


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert:

Ideal for masking all the imperfections that one can have on the face, whether it is redness or even a slight beard growth. Thus, the Latin beard concealer offers a smooth and homogeneous skin and makes the final rendering of the make-up much more attractive. It becomes easier to have a nice fresh and dapper complexion!

Advice for use:

Ideally, in order for your foundation to be perfect, you should first apply the beard concealer. It should be applied to areas that are greyed out because of the beard, but also to imperfections (pimples, redness, etc.) In order to distribute the product evenly, it is advisable to use a beauty blender, but you can also use your finger in certain areas. You can add your foundation on top of it once the base has been well worked on and then powder your face or even powder directly on top of the beard cover if your complexion suits you.

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