Flight + Up breasts and buttocks - Breast enhancement cream

Flight + Up breasts and buttocks

The Vol + Up cream will stimulate PGC-1 alpha, improve the rate of adipogenesis and promote the accumulation of lipids in the adipose tissue of the targeted areas, increasing the volume locally. Attractive curves for the figure: the increase in the size of the breasts and buttocks is noted in just 28 days, they appear firmer, fuller and more plump in 8 weeks. An effective active ingredient to increase local volume where you want it, including the breasts and buttocks.


Convinced in 5 points:


  • Increases the amount of fatty tissue;
  • Increases volume and curves;
  • Lifting effect on the application area;
  • Ideal for volume gain in the chest area;
  • Firmer skin tissue.


Valentine's opinion our cross-dressing expert:

Fat cells are the cells that mainly make up adipose tissue, which specialises in storing energy in the form of fat. Adipose tissue plays an essential role in defining the shape and size of breasts and buttocks. The cream will then target specific areas of the body by increasing the amount of tissue, thus increasing volume. It has personally helped me to improve the firmness of my skin but has also made me gain a lot of volume! 

Directions for use:

Apply a reasonable amount to the desired area and massage in circular motions. Apply twice a day, morning and evening.


01 Vol + Up, individually packed in a coloured box.

Individual packaging:

Airless bottle 50 ml | 1,7 fl oz. + Box.


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