Double breast pump purple - Breast Pumps
Double breast pump purple - Breast Pumps
Double breast pump purple - Breast Pumps
Double breast pump purple - Breast Pumps

Double breast pump purple

Redefine your breast silhouette with the Purple Double Breast Pump, designed for those who aspire to fuller curves and firmer breasts.

This innovative pump promises to increase breast volume and tone pectoral muscles, while stimulating sensitivity for enhanced pleasure.



Transform your breasts with the Breast Pump

Discover a revolutionary solution for breast enlargement and toning with our breast pump. This breast beauty accessory offers a non-surgical method for increasing breast volume and firmness.

Five reasons to choose our breast pump

  • Volumizing effect: Visibly increases breast volume.
  • Rapid toning: Firms breasts and nipples in just a few minutes a day.
  • Comfort of use: Designed for pain-free breast development.
  • Adaptability: Suitable for everyone, from transvestites to women seeking firmer breasts.
  • Enhanced stimulation: Improves sensitivity for tenfold pleasure.

The advantages 

  • Innovative technology: Use an air vacuum to stimulate natural growth.
  • Ergonomic design: The purple breast pump is easy to use and adjust.

The feminization accessory for everyone

Ideal for cross-dressers looking for cross-dressing breasts, or anyone wishing to enlarge their breasts without surgery.

Instructions for use

Daily use: Use a few minutes a day for optimal results. Easy care: Clean with soapy water to maintain hygiene.

The opinion of Valentine, our cross-dressing expert

Valentine recommends this pump for its effectiveness and comfort, noting that it is an excellent feminization tool.

Explore our breast range

With our breast enhancement pump, breast augmentation is within reach. To find out more, visit our categories: Chest for Transvestite, Breast Enlargement, and Breast Pumps for Transvestite.



  • Capacity: 1 box
  • Colour: mauve and transparent
  • Characteristic : accessory for transvestites
  • diameter 12 cm
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