Double battery-operated chest volume pump - Breast Pumps

Double battery-operated chest volume pump



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  • Breast pump with two shells
  • Requires a few minutes of regular use
  • Helps to enlarge the breasts gradually
  • Helps to stretch the skin of the breasts without pain
  • Can be used by men in drag


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert


Most breast pumps are manual, but this one is different because of its practical remote control. Battery operated, it allows you to pump very regularly, always without causing any pain. The regularity of the pumping produces a lasting effect on the sensitivity of the nipples. By using it regularly (twice a day), you get your breasts used to becoming sensitive more quickly. After a few weeks of use, you can feel the difference naturally. Your nipples respond to stroking quickly and, above all, your pleasure is increased tenfold when stroking.

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Tip: place the shells on your breasts. Pump the air out of your breasts once. Then pump very regularly to stimulate the elasticity of the breast skin.

Our tip: use a little lubricant to avoid pulling pains, if you feel them.

Care: hand wash with mild soap

Additional products: toy cleaner, breast firming cream, lubricant



They consist of 2 cups of 10cm in diameter and 9cm deep.

Colour: pink

Characteristic: breast pump

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