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Extra Extra Large Breast Pump

Boost your bust volume with the Extra Extra Large Breast Pump, specially designed for D and E cups.

With its advanced pumping technology and non-return valve, this pump plumps and enlarges your décolleté, allowing you to visualize the progress thanks to its transparent bells.



Elevate your femininity with the Extra Extra Large Breast Pump

Transform and amplify your breasts with our Extra Extra Large Breast Pump. Designed for D and E cup users, this pump combines comfort and performance to enhance your figure without surgery.

Five reasons to choose our XXL Breast Pump

  • Suitable for larger sizes: Perfectly sized for D and E cups.
  • Advanced technology: Equipped with a pumping system and non-return valve for maximum efficiency.
  • Visibility and control: Transparent bells allow you to follow the progress of plumping.
  • User comfort: Ergonomic design for pleasant, pain-free use.
  • Fast results: Achieve accumulated volume and firm nipples in just a few minutes a day.

Advantages of the Extra Extra Large Breast Pump

  • Non-invasive: A non-surgical breast augmentation method for safe development.
  • Easy to maintain: Simple to clean, ensuring hygiene and durability.

Who's it for? 

This pump is ideal for anyone seeking breast enlargement, whether as part of cross-dressing or for personal aesthetic reasons.

Tips for use and care

Daily routine: Recommended use 10 to 30 minutes a day. Easy care: Clean carefully after each use to maintain product quality.

The opinion of Valentine, our cross-dressing expert

Valentine praises the quality and effectiveness of the pump, noting its comfort and ability to produce visible results quickly.

Our Extra Extra Large Breast Pump is a gateway to the breasts of your dreams. For more information, visit our other categories: Breasts for Transvestites, Breast Enlargement, and Breast Pumps for Transvestites.


Description (and composition)

Capacity: 1 box

Brand Noogleberry

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