High Tech Medium Pump - Breast Pumps

High Tech Medium Pump

The high tech medium pump designed for A and B cups is the ideal tool to plump up your breasts and gain volume. Its new pumping system makes the pump easy to use and provides a pleasant suction. The volume of your breasts will be increased as well as the sensations.



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  • Specially designed for A - B cups.
  • New pumping system and non-return valve.
  • Bell diameter: 10 cm
  • Bell depth: 9 cm
  • Plumps up your breasts.


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Femininity when you hold us... You have a pretty chest but you want more, without going under the knife. The breast pump is a solution, and what's more, we love it when it's transparent, so you can see what you're doing! With it, you gain volume and you do it easily, in a few minutes each day. It's easy. The bell fits perfectly around your breast for a smooth grip and gives you a pleasant suction when you pump.

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You can already see yourself on a shopping spree in the lingerie department to buy new bras. Take your time, you still need to use the device regularly to get visible and lasting results. For 10 to 30 minutes a day, you gently stimulate your small cells and your skin without bursting your small blood vessels, which would make your cleavage look unsightly. You transform yourself a little more each day, without pain. If you find the pump too restrictive in its use, you can also opt for a capsule treatment or a gel, which can be better suited to a rhythmic lifestyle.


Description (and composition)

  • Capacity: 1 box
  • Brand Noogleberry
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