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U-Breast Breast Volume

With the Rigazo U-Breast Breast Volume, you can get the firm breasts you've always wanted. With its painless electrical stimulation, this device allows you to build up your breast muscles day after day. Thanks to this electrical stimulator you will have firm breasts without side effects!


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  • Helps to strengthen the breast tissue
  • Helps to obtain firmer breasts
  • Recommended by gynaecologists
  • Can be used for only a few minutes a day
  • Gentle action, no side effects


The opinion of Valentine, our cross-dressing expert


We all dream of having beautiful, firm breasts. There are several ways to achieve this: a treatment cream, food supplements, a breast pump or an electric stimulator such as the U-Breast breast volume. The set contains a device that stimulates the breasts electrically. Of course, it is not painful at all. The pulses are designed to build up the tissue, as if you were doing a "breast sport". There are no side effects and it only takes a few minutes to build up the tissue. There is nothing to stop you from using a cream or gel after showering, apart from using the U-Breast Breast Volume.


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Tip: clean your breasts properly with a mild soap and finish with a cold water jet

Our tip: in the evening, to relax, install the device and enjoy a few minutes of calm to firm up your breasts

Additional products: lubricant, firming cream or gel, herbal food supplement


Description (and composition)

- Capacity : 1 device

- Packaging : box

- Sold with a gel.

- Vibrations : yes

- Power supply : batteries

- Characteristic: increases breast volume

- Brand: Herbal Technologies

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