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Noogleberry nipple pump

The Noogleberry nipple pump allows you to stimulate your nipples while shaping them. Thanks to its hand pump you can easily adjust the strength of the suction. Having your nipples pointed under your bra will make you feel even more feminine for your cross-dressing.



Convincing in 5 points!


  • Hand pump
  • Suction stimulation
  • Draws and develops the nipples
  • Develops sensations
  • Complete kit for transvestite with storage kit

The opinion of Valentine, our cross-dressing expert,

 What could be more pleasurable and feminine than to see your nipples pointing out from under your bra? This wish will be fulfilled thanks to this ultra-practical and easy to use developer.

Simply connect the tube to the shells and place them on the nipples. The hand pump is gently squeezed several times and a vacuum is formed, causing the nipple to enlarge, firm and fill the shell. The whole process takes a few seconds for a successful feminization!

The shells can be left in place for as long as necessary, usually between 5 and 10 minutes. It is recommended that you simply lie on your bed during the whole process and you can do other things while the system is working!

Ideal for developing a transvestite's nipples at the same time as a Breast Volume cure

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