Wig Brunette mechhée redhead Wiki - Brown

Wig Brunette mechhée redhead Wiki

For a unique and feminine hairstyle, choose the Brunette Méchée Rousse Wiki wig. With its red reflections and curly effect, it is the result of a craftsmanship. It lets your skin breathe and is easy to wear and maintain. Enhance your look with this pretty wig for a touch of radiance and color.


Convinced… in 5 points!


- Red reflections.

- Curly effect.

- Craft work.

- Lets breathe.

- Easy to wear and maintain.


The opinion of Valentine, our expert in transvesting


Do you like the electric effect or boat trip? The Scarlet Brown Wig Wiki offers you a natural Waikiki-beachwave look, as if you had spent your day at the beach. Of square length, its ripples bring movement to your face, lit by the reddish highlights that dot the wig. The styled-neglected effect of the hairstyle gives the hair a touch of fantasy. Handmade, it remains easy to clean, however, by washing with cold water and natural drying. No hair dryer!

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Composed of synthetic fiber, this wig has very realistic hair looking a lot like human hair. They are cleverly tied on a cotton braided cap so that the result is the most natural and the wearing of the invisible wig. Of excellent quality, these hair are pleasant to the touch. Easy to comb, its owner is recommended to use only a brush instead of a comb to maintain its quality.


Description (and composition)

- Brand: Ellen Will

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