Mia brown wig - Brown

Mia brown wig

The Mia Brown Wig is the perfect balance between elegance and modernity. With its intense brown colour, soft and light synthetic hair and straight bob, it offers a contemporary and refined look. Complemented by a clean, straight fringe, it is the perfect accessory for a timeless, feminine look.
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  • Deep brown.
  • Straight square.
  • Synthetic hair.
  • Straight fringe.
  • Elegance.


What Valentine, our cross-dressing expert, thinks


The way you style your hair is the best way to balance the proportions of your face. The fringe has also proven to be an effective way to hide certain imperfections and change perspectives. So if you have a long face, for example, you can be sure that a long fringe will take away that pronounced length. That's why the Mia brown wig is perfect for those who are too long. Its elegant short bob frames your face well to hide a slightly protruding jawline.


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Ideal for rectangular or inverted-triangle faces, the fringe softens a large forehead and the bob balances a face that is too long. That's what we're looking for with the Mia wig from your Rigazo travestishop. This wig will ensure that you succeed in your cross-dressing and achieve the feminine style of your dreams. Its intense brown colour adds the glamorous and bewitching touch that will finish your look.


Description (and composition)

Brand: Wigged Love

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