Carmen brown wig - Brown

Carmen brown wig

The Carmen wig in chocolate brown is a wonder for those who want to change their look. Long synthetic hair is soft and shiny. The straight fringe and tapering on the length create a style that highlights the face. The Carmen wig is perfect for those who love the glamorous style and easy to wear.



Convinced… in 5 points!


  • Long hair.
  • Sweet chocolate brown.
  • Synthetic hair
  • Right fringe.
  • Thinning over the length.


The opinion of Valentine, our expert in transvesting


The Carmen brown wig will surely remind you of Angelina Joli’s haircut during her youth. You could have the same sexy and ultra feminine look with this transvestite accessory from your Rigazo transvestite shop. With its chocolate brown, you will show that brunettes do not count for plums. Long and tapered, you get the feminine look you were looking for for your evening. In synthetic, it is easy to maintain to enjoy longer.


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With a straight fringe to hide wrinkles, thick eyebrows and too prominent forehead, the Carmen brown wig gives you a sexy Latino style. Long and graded on the front, you soften the features of your face and jaw to be as feminine as possible. You can wear it with all your clothes, whatever your style. Light or matte skin, brown has the advantage of adapting to several skin tones.


Description (and composition)

Brand: Wigged Love

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