Joanne Brown Wig - Brown
Joanne Brown Wig - Brown
Joanne Brown Wig - Brown
Joanne Brown Wig - Brown
Joanne Brown Wig - Brown
Joanne Brown Wig - Brown

Joanne Brown Wig

This brown wig is the definition of sexy! Its mid-length cut and tapered fringe will offer you a glamorous and sophisticated style. The effilage is subtle creating depth and texture to your look. Synthetic hair is soft and light, offering exceptional quality and durability.



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  • Sexy brown.
  • Mid-length cut.
  • Tapered fringe.
  • Thinning all over the cup.
  • Synthetic hair.


The opinion of Valentine, our expert in transvesting


You are naughty, you are mutinous, you have a playful character and you love to tease your entourage? So the Joanne brown wig from Rigazo, is made for you, highlighting by its cut your jovial and dynamic character. With this tapered square, you leave your neck and shoulders clear. Perfect for caresses and kisses. You can dress as a woman easily and wear it with feminine clothing for men that is neckline or not.


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With its intense and greedy brown, the Joanne brown wig highlights your delicate complexion. Its fringe concealing forehead and eyebrows is slightly tapered to avoid the «helmet» effect of some transvesting wigs. Its tapered square offers a stimulating effect, highlighting a character full of peps. You give a little volume to a too thin jaw.


Description (and composition)

Brand: Wigged Love

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