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Anal Shower Bulb - Bulbs
Anal Shower Bulb - Bulbs

Anal Shower Bulb

This Anal Douche is made of TPR and PVC for a good grip and a pleasant feeling. The tip is very thin and the cannula is made of ABS for maximum efficiency and safety. Use it for rectal hygiene or pleasure and enjoy the gentle and comfortable experience it offers.


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  • Pear made of TPR and PVC.
  • Very thin tip.
  • Cannula made of ABS - plastic.
  • Good grip.
  •  For the hygiene or pleasure of your rectum.


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert

For those who love anal enemas, you will probably love this Anal Douche. Black and red in colour, its pump ensures a good grip while its thin tip allows for easy and comfortable insertion. The enema is ideal before anal sex to avoid minor accidents. A gentle enema of the area is safe. However, repeated or overly forceful enemas can cause tears or cracks in the anus over time.

More about the Anal Douche bulb

The Anal Douche bulb is made of TPR and PVC, with a length of approximately 9.3 cm, a diameter of approximately 5.5 cm, and a capacity of approximately. 113 ml. The cannula is made of ABS - plastic, with an insertable length of about 5.5 cm, a diameter of about 0.8 cm and a total length of the anal douche of about 14.8 cm. Notice to amateurs!


Description (and composition)

- Container: 1 box

- Brand : Malesation

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