Black plastic shower nozzle - Bulbs

Black plastic shower nozzle

The black plastic shower nozzle is very easy to use. It attaches directly to the hose of a standard size shower. So you can proceed with your intimate toilet without any problem and for the time you like. Ideal product for anal practices, this accessory is indispensable for your hygiene.



Convinced... in 5 points!


  • Single jet water jet
  • ideal for men
  • Practical for an effective enema
  • Can be easily attached to a shower hose
  • Can be installed using a standard screw thread


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert:

The black plastic shower nozzle is ideal for its practicality and effectiveness. It is easy to attach to the shower hose and thoroughly cleans your private parts. It is an essential accessory for impeccable hygiene.

Tips for use:

The black plastic shower nozzle is ideal for people who do not wish to use enema bulbs or tubes. As the nozzle attaches to the shower hose, you control the flow of water from your tap. The plastic is easy to clean with conventional soap.



- Length: 10 cm

- Diameter: 2 cm

- Hole diameter: 5 mm

- Colour: black

- Composition: plastic

- Compatible with: shower

- Safety: CE standards

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