Shower Shot - Bulbs

Shower Shot

For the passive who want to be clean all the time, this shower kit will satisfy you. The hose is standard and fits all showers. The nozzle has a medium penis design, soft as can be to provide gentle penetration and allow for a perfect and complete intimate spread.


Convinced in 5 points! 


  • Insertable dimensions: 11 x 3.2cm ; 
  • Soft sextoy ;
  • Soft and pleasant penetration;
  • Original shower nozzle;
  • Ideal to please yourself!


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert: 

I love this kit! It is very original and allows you to take pleasure while taking care of your personal hygiene. The sextoy gives pleasure to wake up the neighbours, its length is 11 cm and allows to have a long solitary pleasure ...

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