Perfect Butt Booster Cream - Butt enhancement cream

Perfect Butt Booster Cream

The Perfect Butt Booster cream, offered by the Rigazo boutique, which specialises in transgender and transvestite people, promises to give you a beautifully plumped buttocks that you would like to dive into or even bite into.



Convinced… in 5 points !

  • Increases the volume of the buttocks.
  • For bouncy buttocks.
  • Provides very satisfactory results.
  • Apply like a classic cream.
  • Reworks the curvature of the buttocks.


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

Having a round, sexy buttocks is a must for most transgender people. And if they can\'t do sports because of a lack of time, they can still achieve their goals with the help of buttock creams. Thanks to Perfect Butt Booster cream, you can quickly and effortlessly achieve curved buttocks.


Learn more about the Perfect Butt Booster Cream

To boost the cream\'s effectiveness, it should be used daily at a rate of two applications per day. It should be massaged in well so that the active ingredients penetrate into the skin. And to obtain a quickly plumped up buttocks, do not hesitate to eat protein-rich foods: eggs, mackerel, etc. and do some muscle-building exercises.




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