Spray Conditioner for wig - Care and accessories

Spray Conditioner for wig



Convinced ... in 5 points!

  •     Product adapted to synthetic fibers
  •     Optimal protection of your wig
  •     Antistatic properties
  •     Facilitates styling
  •     Keeps shine and volume


The opinion of Valentine, our expert in disguise


The wig is a big part of the transvestite look. it will probably try several, blond, brown, red, long, long, short, before finding the style that will make you the most feminine and the most beautiful. You can have several wigs to change your look or personality according to your desires.

To prolong the life of your hair, rigazo has selected a range of treatments and accessories, this conditioner spray will retain the shine and volume of your wig. Spray evenly on dry hair at 30 cm distance, brush or brush with your fingers, this treatment will maintain support and flexibility.


Conditioner for synthetic hair Ellen Wille that protects the hair from UV and pollution.

Container: 200 ml

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