Synthetic wig shampoo - Care and accessories


Convinced ... in 5 points!

  • Shampoo specially adapted to synthetic hair
  • Keeps the shine of your wig
  • Extends the service life
  • Easy and fast use
  • Subtle and pleasant fragrance


The opinion of valentine, our expert in crossdressing :

A wig is an essential element in a successful disguise, there is a multitude of choices to perfect your feminization, blondes, brunettes, redheads, chatains. On the other hand there is a step to remember, the maintenance of your beautiful female hair. Pollution, tobacco, will quickly tarnish it, your travesty will lose its beauty! this is why Rigazo offers a complete range of care and accessories specially adapted to wigs.


Usage tips :

Pour a few drops of shampoo in warm or cold water, shake the hair slightly and soak in the preparation, after 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly.

Allow your wig to air dry on a wig holder.

The ideal is to finish the interview with the care conditioning.

Do not brush your wig if it is still wet.

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