Plastic holder for long wig - Care and accessories

Plastic holder for long wig



Convinced ... in 5 points!

  •     Foldable in 2 for easy storage.
  •     Offers a homogeneous drying.
  •     Ventilated head.
  •     For long wig.
  •     Keeper and hairstyle.


The opinion of Valentine, our expert in crossdressing :

Storing one's wig is sometimes a puzzle. Finding the right support that will maintain the shape of your hat and maintain proper ventilation of your wig is a real dilemma. That's why today Rigazo offers you the long plastic wig holder. Ideal for your long hair, it multiplies the benefits. Real support, it allows you to put your wig without the risk of seeing it get damaged. With its ventilated head, it offers total ventilation to your wig, especially when you wash it or sweat.


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What would be a transvestite without a wig worthy of the name? She deserves the best for maintenance and support. The long plastic wig holder is lightweight and foldable, so you can put it on and take it anywhere. Your wig keeps all its clothes and hairstyle wherever you are and whoever you do.


- Brand : Ellen Wille

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