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Black transparent dress

This black dress in wetlook and transparent tulle is a unique piece. Black ruffles and a belt at the waist come to sublimate its silhouette. The sides are transparent, the sleeves are short and the neckline is very sexy. It is perfect for evenings dressed and elegant.


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  • Black ruffles, wetlook and tulle.
  • Belt at the waist.
  • Transparency on the sides.
  • Short sleeves.
  • Sexy neckline.


The opinion of Valentine, our expert in transvestism

The black transparent dress from your Rigazo transvestite and transsexual store is a must have for your closet. If you want to unleash the femme fatale in you without being too dominating, this feminine garment for men is perfect. Emphasizing a certain character with the Wetlook effect, your seductive power is enhanced by the side tulle, letting your skin show. Your charm is overflowing and it shows. Your self-confidence is increased tenfold.

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The shape of the black sheer dress is ideal for those who want to slim down. Its black color slims, the belt at the waist hugs the latter to mark the silhouette and highlight your hips. The top with its small short sleeves on the shoulders and its sexy neckline allows to put false breasts with a bra, adhesive or a full bustier. Its small ruffles on the bottom of the dress adds a feminine side affriolant to the set. The front is a little shorter to reveal the thighs.


Description (and composition)


Composition: polyester 93%, elastane / polyester 85% elastane 15%.

Brand: Cats

Traceability :

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