Libido massage oil Exotic fruits (240 ml) - Massage

Libido massage oil Exotic fruits (240 ml)

This libido massage oil with exotic fruits is ideal to start foreplay. Its large format allows hours of pleasure. Its delicate exotic fruit fragrance will tickle your libido for a sexual escape. Its application allows to make erotic massages for a moment of well-being and pleasure.


Convinced... in 5 points!


  • Allows for erotic massages
  • Large bottle for hours of pleasure
  • Delicate exotic fruit scent
  • Tickles the libido for sexual escape
  • Ideal to start foreplay


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert:

Massage oils are interesting accessories for foreplay. An erotic massage is a way to relax, discover or rediscover yourself. The skin is an often underestimated organ. However, caresses are essential for the sexual relationship. Massage is ideal for foreplay. The libido massage oil from Exotic Fruits is therefore ideal for starting a naughty relationship.

Our advice on libido massage oil

The libido massage oil is composed of oil, as its name indicates. You should therefore take a few drops in your hands. Rub your hands together to warm up the oil and gently massage your partner's body. The body will then be more relaxed and receptive to cuddling and loving caresses.


Description (and composition)


  • Capacity: 240 ml
  • Composition : almond oil, grape seed oil, sesame seed oil, avocado oil, safflower oil, vitamin E, ylang-ylang and yohimbe essential oil extracts and, depending on the fragrance, exotic fruit essential oil extracts.
  • Fragrance: exotic fruits
  • Characteristic : massage oil
  • Safety : CE standards
  • Brand : Shunga
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