Chestnut brown fibers - Redesign your eyebrows - Eyes

Chestnut brown fibers - Redesign your eyebrows

We love Chestnut Brown Fibres - Redraw your eyebrows for many reasons. When it comes to shaping your eyebrows, the hardest part is often making them look natural. This magical product does just that.



Convinced… in 5 points !

  • Redraw your eyebrows.
  • Unique and innovative blend.
  • Structure the look.
  • Pigment concentrate.
  • Tailor-made volume.


Valentine\'s opinion, our experience in cross-dressing

Perhaps it\'s its composition, a formula made of maritime clays and natural fibres infused with moisturising plant extracts, or its pigment-concentrated formula that offers this stunning result, we don\'t know. In any case, it offers more volume and maximum hold by instantly reshaping your brows, while giving a natural look. Even the pros love it!


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For a fuller, more natural brow, it\'s the brown fibres - redraw your eyebrows, nothing else. Perfect for sparse or white hairs. Simple and easy to use, you can apply it with the built-in brush applicator. It will camouflage all your white hairs. Dry and natural, it can be removed with a standard make-up remover.

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