Silicone Triangle fake vagina - Fake Vagina

Silicone Triangle fake vagina

The Silicone Triangle Fake Vagina is ideal for feminising your crotch without the need to wear a thong or a wetsuit. You can slip or stick it into your underwear to disguise yourself up to your crotch. This way you will have a very realistic vulva with a real skin texture.


Convinced... in 5 points!


- Light coloured fake vagina

- To be glued after tucking

- Female crotch

- Simulates a woman's vulva

- Large female labia represented


 Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert


Made of skin-textured silicone, with a breathtaking realism when it comes to the lips and clit, this fake vagina can be glued directly onto your skin (but to avoid the risk of slipping it is advisable to wear a thong or open panties)

Use a special glue for a good support, it fits perfectly in your underwear but with an open panty for the maximum effect!

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